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Solid Bleached Sulfate Boards (SBS)article

Origin: Europe

Advantages: High Whiteness, Great Stiffness, Certified Food Grade

Applications: High-End Packaging i.e. Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Food Packaging, and Graphics.

Folding Box Board (FBB)article

Origin: Europe

Advantages: High Bulk (Yield Advantage), Excellent Folding Abilities, High Strength, Certified Food Grade

Applications: Food Packaging, Chocolate Box, Comsumer Packaging,..etc.

Multilayer Kraft Back Boardsarticle

Origin: Europe

Advantages: Very High Bulk, Folding Abilities, Certified Food Grade, Excellent Strength

Applications: Food & Consumer Packaging, Blister Pack,..etc.

White Line Chipboard Paper (WLC)article

Origin: Europe and Asia

Applications: General Packaging

Cup Stocksarticle

Origin: Europe

Advantages: Printabiltiy, Formability, Convertibility, Certified Food Grade

Applications: Noodle Cup, Beverage Cup, Ice Cream Packaging, and  other applications.

Food Container Boards

Origin: Europe

Advantages: Great Formability, Easily Convertible, Printability, Freeze and Oven, PET coated, Certified Food Grade

Applications: Food Tray

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